Why Choose Us?

Advantages to Parents

24*7 support

• The online fee payment option in fee management automation allows parents to log into the system and pay the fees from wherever they are. Gone are those days when you needed to miss out on an important appointment just to avoid the late fee of your child. Now pay the fees 24*7 anytime you want to at your own convenience.

Avoid Late Fee

Never miss out on your important appointments just to avoid late fee

Avoid Bank Queues

Avoid the long queues of banks- FOREVER. In today’s scenario sometimes we see schools hand over the fee collection work to banks. In that case it’s an additional burden over parents to visit a bank where there are other business transactions as well. So naturally the queue is longer there.

Payment History

Readily available payment history information. Absolute transparency is maintained and all the records of past payments can be accessed for each and every individual student. Download and print the receipt whenever the need arises.

Fee Management Automation

The online fee payment option in fee management automation allows parents to log into the system and pay the fees from wherever they are.

Advantages to Schools

24*7 Payment Facility

An additional advantage over other schools featuring 24*7 payment facility so that parents can pay anytime, especially for working parents so that the need to be physically present for paying the fees is avoided.

Resource Optimization

Significant resource optimization for the school, thereby improving Brand name and Quality. There is a flurry of activity that keeps on going within the of School office all the year of round. So this smart way of collection of fees could be of great aid when it comes to lessen the burden on the office staff so that the energy can be directed in some other area.

Digital Reports

Getting rid of hectic paper work in this digital area is the need of the hour. The ease of access is no doubt greater in case of digital reports rather than manually scribbling through the maintained registers.

Automatic Generation

Automatic generation of comprehensive reports which can keep the management informed allowing absolute control over the processes activities and bottle necks. The management authorities can directly have a look into the collection that goes on throughout the month and at any instant of the day at their comfort.

Zero Intrusion

Zero intrusion of people into school premises during class hours. It becomes a headache for the school authorities to control the unruly crowd sometimes. The decorum of the school is at stake due to large in flock of people.

Building a Better Earth

When you move your bill payment operations online you will be doing your part to Go Green. Let’s contribute as much as we can in building a better earth for all of us to live in.

Single Click Solution

New Admissions, Students leaving midterm, Any hike in fees or Be it any new fee head which needs to be introduced. No worries. All this possible is with the ease of a single click